Remember To Forget



As of late I have been struggling to figure out why I have been plagued with bouts of brain fog or just what I would describe as brain noise.

Learning and setting up yet a new marketing strategy, I felt as though my brain was becoming over-loaded and the thoughts just didn’t seem to want to come together.

After watching webinar after webinar and reading modules designed to help me strategize a plan of attack for my campaigns,  I felt like I was no closer to understanding the concept of implementation than when I had started. So I gave my brain a break.

While driving to my office a thought hit me. “What if my brain is over-loaded?”

What if all the webinars, courses, e-books and whatever have filled my internal hard drive to capacity? Is that possible?

Then I did a Google search and found out something interesting.

An article written in the Daily Mail entitled “If you remember this headline, you’ll forget something else” 

Pointed out how the brain sacrifices memories to make room for new information.


I am notorious for trying to remember as much as possible. Even when you take notes on countless webinars don’t you have to remember the context in what the information was used?

I think I am on to something here. So I have been trying to write as much down as possible. No remembering.

I do feel better. No racing thoughts at night. I also have a sense of order.

So if you want a little space to do other things with your brain try writing more down and using your memory for the important memories in life.

I don’t really do the new year’s resolution thing but if I did it would be to write down and organize more shit.

Hey I wonder if someone has an e-book about how to master taking good notes for affiliates? Simple but necessary.



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