My Pet Peeve With Affiliate Marketing Coaches



Do You Really Have To Sell Me Something Else Just Because You Can?


So I joined your forum, program, bought your e-book and now I am excited.

The forums  buzz about your earnings and past contributions and you sir are now a trusted resource  in the eyes of many.

I get inside and see it’s got some pretty good content and video and of course a community.

I get started down the road to riches to become just like you and then …it happens.

The special offer. Ok I’ll bite because surely a guy of your caliber wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t need it so I sign up for the webby and low and behold it’s marketer pitching his latest JVzoo product for the unbelievably low price of $497. That price is exclusive  only to this community of course. For a limited time might I add, got to throw the old scarcity in there.

Hey. I totally get it. Marketers  are going to market.

But teachers must also teach. So which comes first. Are you going to teach us or sell to us constantly?

Now many of not all of the webinars that I have attended have added value. But any CPA marketing teacher worth his/her salt will always adopt the core principal of STAYING FOCUSED.

They all tell us not to get shiny object syndrome, yet bombard us with shiny object after shiny object.

It’s like holding an AA meeting with an open bar in the back. And the AA coach is the bartender.

I have heard the rule that “the money is in the list.” So by signing up to a coaching program or whatever the offering is, technically I become part of the list.

But do you have to sell just because everyone else does it? Do you have to sell sell sell just because you can?

It’s gotten to the point now that when I get to the part in the webinar where the guy says “how much would it be worth to you to be able to do insert latest greatest thing here.” I’m like ok here we go. 5 minutes of yes questions to get us into buy mode.

In my opinion it’s getting kind of cheesy. Does it still make money? Obviously so but how respect are you losing as a result.

I wonder if anyone ever says hey I am going to be the guy/woman that does things a little different?

It seems that everyone is following the same playbook.

  1. Get some success
  2. Build a product or JV with someone
  3. Build a list based on your trust
  4. Give away a trust trigger
  5. Launch your product
  6. Warm up your list a little
  7. Sell Sell Sell Sell

I am not knocking anyone’s hustle but at some point we would like to be taught some real up to date shit.

Videos get old if you don’t update them with new content. Remember we signed up for engagement not to keep making you richer.

That’s my .02 for now. But remember to hold these guys accountable to teach you good shit or call them out.





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